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Introduction to the Central Humanities Library (OHK FF) and COBISS+ for Foreign Students, February 26, 2024, via Zoom


A course in English for international exchange students and regular foreign students of the Faculty of Arts. The course provides an insight into the structure and organisation of the Central Humanities Library (CHL) of the Faculty of Arts and its 18 departmental libraries. Participants will be informed about their location, opening hours, library services and information services for our users. We teach students how to search the union bibliographic database and the local databases of Slovenian libraries in the open public access catalogue COBISS+. They get to know different types of searches, basic and advanced. They will learn how to log in to My COBISS user profile and how to use its services (My Libraries, My Shelf, My Searches, etc.). Particular attention is paid to the My Libraries service so that students are able to make reservations, orders and renewals of their library loans independently. We also introduce them to the mobile application mCOBISS.

Time: February 26, 2024, 15:00–16:30, via Zoom
Lecturer: doc. dr. Tjaša Jug

Please register by Friday, February 23, 2024, by 1 p.m., indicate your exchange programme and year of study: tjasa.jug@ff.uni-lj.si.

The course is free of charge.



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